Prevents lime scale and Removes existing lime Scale in water pipes. Avoids blockages, Corrosion problems in plumbing pipes & fittings. Allows better water flow. Prevents mineral deposits cling to floors, tiles, taps, bath tubs, wash basins, shower heads. Easily removes dirt, prevents scale stains. Gives Sparkle & Shiny look to floors, walls, tiles and bathtubs.

Prevents lime scale and Removes existing lime scale from solar heaters, Boilers, Geyser and Steam Elements. Fast Water Heating, Saves electricity and maintenance bills. Protects & Extends life of appliances.

Prevents lime scale stains on utensils & dishwashers. Gives sparkle clean with less soap and water.

Removes dirt & sticky soapy residues easily from clothes. Saves soap and water. Protects clothes texture, quality and colour. Improves efficiency of washing machines.

Prevents Skin & Hair dryness, discoloration of the skin. Makes the skin, hair smooth and shiny. Prevents hair fall and dandruff. Encourages hair growth.

Gives Better organic growth of plants. Protects lawn. Minimizes fertilizers and pesticides. Controls pests. Avoids lime scale blockages in sprinklers, drippers and fountains.

Prevents and Removes lime scale, Avoids blockages in pipes. Protects skin and hair. Prevents smell of water and algae problems. Prevents stains on pool walls. Minimizes usage of chlorine. Keeps pool clean with crystal clear water.

Ponds and Aquariums: Healthy Growth of aquatic animals with better weight. Improves Resistance Power. Prevents smell, growth of algae, keeps bottom clean. Decreases usage of pesticides.